Testimony by Christine Schadler, M.S.

For the last 40 years or so I have researched Eastern coyotes throughout the northeast. Tracking these animals, I have studied their territories, their associations with other predators such as bobcat, fisher and fox and their use of backyards, farms and suburban environments.

Testimony by Meade Cadot, Ph.D.

Once again, I call for a more conservative approach to fisher management. As in past years, I attach graphic support for more conservative rules. In this century’s first decade, fisher harvest rules were so liberal that the population plummeted. And in the second decade, corrective measures were not sufficient to stop that precipitous slide.

Testimony by Weldon Bosworth, Ph.D.

Proposal for Rule Changes

  • Close fisher season – trapping and firearms/bow
  • Three bag limit (season and state-wide) for red and gray foxes – trapping and firearms/bow
  • Implement mandatory tags/permits and reporting for all furbearers (see recent petition)
  • Decrease firearms/bow season for all furbearers from 6-7 months to 3 months
  • Close firearms/bow season for coyote from April 1 to September 1.