We are a group of New Hampshire natural resource professionals, hunters, wildlife advocates and other outdoor-oriented people who have come together with a singular vision to form the New Hampshire Wildlife Coalition.

Our Priorities

  • Advocate for responsible conservation of predator species
  • End wildlife killing contests
  • Promote an ethos of “Fair Chase” sporting practices
  • Strengthen the NH Fish and Game Department by broadening its governance and financial base

Our Position on Hunting

While our organization advocates for responsible conservation of wildlife, our coalition members hold a diversity of positions on hunting.  For example, we are not opposed to hunting when hunters eat what they kill out of necessity or because they prefer wild foods to meat sourced from industrial animal agriculture. However, we are all pro-science, pro-fair chase, and in favor of treating all animals with respect. We believe the present system of wildlife management in New Hampshire ignores the valuable role of predators and must be changed to one that is more consistent with an evolving understanding of their critical role in our natural ecosystems.

You can contact us at [email protected]

New Hampshire Wildlife Coalition House Bill
Photo: Sandy Sherman

House Bill 118 would have given everybody in New Hampshire a say in our wildlife management — not just hunters. Unfortunately, the bill is dead. We need you on our side the next time a bill to broaden wildlife governance comes up. See all legislation updates.

New Hampshire Wildlife Coalition - Fish and Game
Photo: Paul Malenfant

All Granite Staters deserve a say in how our wildlife are treated. New Hampshire Wildlife Coalition connects you with opportunities to advocate on behalf of wildlife, including directly to the New Hampshire State Government. Learn about New Hampshire Fish and Game.

New Hampshire Wildlife Coalition - Furbearers
Photo: Cheryl Leatham

New Hamsphire Wildlife Coalition believes predators and furbearers are misunderstood. We advocate for an end to killing contests and for hunting to be fair chase — as simple as that. Learn more about our wildlife.